Another Miami Dolphin Cheerleader Jumps!

Several of the  2011 Miami Dolphin cheerleaders recently jumped with the Golden Knights in Homestead, Florida. Shannon, loved her experience so much that she sent me the following story. Although it doesn’t describe her jump experience in great detail, it  will give you an idea of the professionalism of the Golden Knights. Thanks Shannon, for sharing your story.

The Golden Knights is a group of incredibly talented gentlemen. I expected them to be rigid and dry Army men, hardly cracking a smile, but they are the exact opposite. Yes, they are professional and serious when needed. After all, they were about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane thousands of feet above the ground with us strapped to their stomachs. But all rules and precautions aside, these men are comforting and inspiring. One of the demonstration team members, Howie Sanborn, even let me help him pack up his parachute before his next jump. To take me and put me on the same level as him and trust me to put together the one thing slowing his 120 mph fall instilled a great feeling of confidence in me. It’s as if Howie wanted to share something very special to him with us and because of that, I learned to do something that most will never do in their life. For Howie to not even question a complete stranger, said great deals about his character and how much he values sharing with others what he loves so much.

I had a difficult time because of my fear of heights, but somehow my instructor, Aaron Figel, and my photographer, Jared Zell, made me completely forget about those fears. They eased any worries by simply making me laugh nonstop. They joked and told stories and made every step of the day full of pure and natural fun. It shows when someone loves what they do for a living – in fact, it makes all the difference. At one point, somewhere about 8,000 feet in the air, Jared looked to me pointed out the wide-open plane door and smiled as he opened his arms and said “Welcome to my office.” What an incredible reality.

These men, the best in their unusual line of work, have trained and auditioned for this career that they love so dearly. They are blessed to be able to do what they love the most every day of their lives, and they know it. The don’t take a single moment or opportunity for granted and live each second to fullest, unlike many other people I know. With every laugh and joke it is clear how much they are grateful to be where they are and enjoy every second of it. It is that energy that can be felt throughout the day, on the ground and in the air. It is that energy that was comforting and fun. It made me feel as though we had known them for years. This day, spent with them, has taught me great things about myself and my life. I will never forget them and the impact they have had on me will be with me for years to come.

What an honor it was to jump out of a plane with the Golden Knights.

Cheers! Shannon


2 Responses to “Another Miami Dolphin Cheerleader Jumps!”

  1. Iggy Says:

    I salute brave Americans like Shannon

  2. Says:

    This was so touching to read. I got chills as I read it and felt so proud of the men who have found something to feel so passionate about and help so many people experience a life-changing event. I actually uttered the words, “I gotta do this”.
    Maybe it was the cute guy in the photo. There is always that.

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